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imagination leads me to act

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sometimes when I love it so much that it’s gonna be too hard to let go

then it’ll turn out to be a boomerang to myself..

it always fights me back with its own ways..


the passion of love

hugs & kisses is all I need

affection is all I want

caress is what I look for

I am just an intense lover

very caring and giving

also have a very deep feeling

am I wrong for being that???

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i’m in love

bali is the real paradise..

i left everything behind for a week of vacation in bali,and i almost forgot everything i deal with..

i’m an intense lover of bali.. ^.^
because of the view, the people, the sunset, the beach, and all…

i’m looking forward to get back there as soon as possible..

once you get there, you wouldn’t want to go back to your hometown, it’s like where you belong..

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this is the shoots i did today at a place called ‘kota tua’
a famous museums spot in jakarta for taking photos because of its piece of art

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our past doesnt equal our future

and if u think so, think of these lines below :

focus on the present
plan for the future
give respect to the past

let that which doesn’t matter truly slide

never involve your past through anything in your life right now..


the artist

i am an artist of the art of my life

i draw my own lines

i create my own design

i paint my own colour to live within means

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If you combine ACTIONS with IMAGINATIONS when you cant only have actions, it will help until you can have everything in action„ 
—a friend who inspires me.. XD
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